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Apr 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
deepest condolences to the families of 25 west virginia miners killed in the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in decades. the blast happened yesterday at the upper big branch mine in the town of -- in a town outside of charleston. it is raising new questions about mine safety and whether federal inspectors failed to do their jobs. sally kidd has more. >> the white house says the president wants a thorough investigation into the cause of the blast and whether it could have been prevented. at the national prayer breakfast, president obama asked for prayers and that -- prayers for the victims and their families. >> pray for the safe return of men and women who put their lives on the line to save them and the souls of those who have been lost in this tragic accident. >> the company has a history of serious safety violations and has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines in the past three years. >> what that suggests to you on the face of it is that there are problems here and that they're not being addressed. >> it raises questions about why inspectors fail to detect the potential fo
Apr 5, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. >> the republican party is energized. it started in virginia, went to new jersey and then the massachusetts miracle -- absolutely, we think we can replicate that here in maryland. >> they're hoping that their message will do well received in a state where registered democrats outnumber republicans by a ratio of two to one. >> i think they have been had by the governor, by the president, by mr. hoyer, the whole thing. we have been sold out. >> i actually grew up in public housing, but we were never taught that anybody you that -- oh does anything. i'm getting tired -- that anybody owed us anything. and getting tired of that. and i do not hear them talking about the things we really do need. >> governor ehrlich is obviously our best chance. he has name recognition. he does not have to spend a penny on that. that is a big plus. but we need to make sure that there is a checks and balances in that government. it does not matter if you're a democrat, an independent, or a republican. you have to have checks and balances. >> there's also a lot of optimism about the expected race in maryland's first congres
Apr 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. petersburg, west virginia, 82 degrees. we may hit the 80 degree mark in some spots around here tomorrow. as the warmer air is moving in, the one -- warm front is triggering quite a bit of showers. the spotty showers in western pennsylvania. there is and i've had a chance that a brief shower will come -- there's an outside chance that a brief shower will come to western maryland tonight. 51 to 58 for the overnight low with a west wind averaging 5 miles per hour. chicago is back into the 80's. cincinnati, 81. charleston, west virginia, 83. right on the heels of this warm air is another front and this one is going to bring in shot of cool air for the weekend. we will see at least some sun tomorrow and then in the late afternoon, early evening as the cold front is approaching for a shower or thunderstorm, chillier with brisk winds and highs only in the 50's. computer models are generating snow showers in the higher elevations of western maryland for the weekend. for our region, partly cloudy through the day and a thunderstorm likely through the evening. in an ounce, they will get the shower
Apr 20, 2010 6:00pm EDT
are starting to dry just a little bit. southwest virginia coming up towards roanoke. that will make its way up toward charlottesville. probably won't really impact our region until the middle of the day tomorrow. i've been the main rush-hour will be tomorrow evening's rush- hour. we can use rain. 70 degrees at the inner harbor. the normal high as 66. the low was 39 at bwi marshal. the tree pollen came down a little bit today. 65 both checking in at 66 degrees down toward the coast, with the future cast trowing range staying in virginia. we will wake up a cloudy skies as they increase overnight. temperatures will not be as chile. the system is not very strong. it has an area of low pressure tracking east and trying to draw moisture out of the goal -- out of the gulf. this is followed by high- pressure through thursday. it starts to have our way for the weekend. moving off the coast tomorrow, showers may redevelop on thursday, and the next threat of rain won't arrive until late evening. we will try to move it in our direction. it will be cooler tomorrow because of the clouds, showers, and the br
Apr 26, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. company officials say they will relocate from los angeles to northern virginia. they will make the announcement tomorrow. officials say he will not disclose exact location. the company has more than 21,000 local workers. for the next few weeks, getting through downtown baltimore will take longer than normal. >> thousands up ford's have hit the recall list. a problem could further injured passengers and drivers in an accident. >> ben roethlisberger made his first day out after getting smacked with a six-game suspension. see what he has to say about his punishment and his behavior. >> there is a tornado warning for st. mary's county and southern maryland. when will the sun settled wet weather pattern move out? >> 43,000 ford vehicles are on a recall is tonight. it includes the infusion, the explorer, and the explorer sport track. the consumer report says there are problems with the the recliner's gears and the head restraint could month back with a crash. consumers should take their vehicles back to the dealer for repairs. >> if you live or work in downtown baltimore, we have a t
Apr 1, 2010 6:00pm EDT
on the virginia college campus. he believes the plan will help run the student loan program and free up close to $70 billion in student loans in the coming years, money morgan university students are hoping to get a share of. >> it means finding the money and resources to go to school is a big stress. eliminating the stress will help make it happen more easily. >> i think it is hard to find financial aid. >> this administration has also promised to ease loan repayment programs for students wednesday graduate. -- once they graduate. >> a baltimore county library celebrated a facelift this morning. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >> jim smith cut the ribbon for the redesigned library. officials hope it will make the experience more pleasant. some of the changes included more benches, lighted interior walkways, among other things. >> a 23-year-old soldier was stationed at fort meade has pleaded guilty to operating a brothel. craig alan corey ii and three other men brought women from ohio and other states here to prostitute themselves. he advertised online and even recruited a 16-year-old girl. >> opening yarmulk
Apr 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in north carolina and southern virginia. a tornado watch includes the agusta, ga. area where the masters golf tournament is going on. we will seek showers cutting across maryland tonight, moving across the coast -- moving off the coast tomorrow morning. the 56 to 61 tomorrow morninand dropping into the 50's for saturday. 58 around the bay tomorrow as it clears up in the afternoon. seven-day forecast, much cooler, much more like normal april weather. back to 71 sunday. a weaker front could produce a sprinkle late in the day monday. >> the country's fascination with tiger woods continues, but at least for the first time in nearly a year everyone wants to talk about what they see on the course, not off of it. he is at two under par. wood's looked relaxed in the practice range earlier today. if you were on mars for the last six month and never knew what was going on with him, you would never think he missed a beat. he is now on the back nine. 60-year-old tom watson sits one stroke currently behind fred couples, who just took sole possession of the lead at 6 under par. watson has three holes
Apr 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
a random event or a reflection of the internment. two years ago, maryland, virginia, and the potomac river fisheries association came up with the policy and strictly enforced it. >> it came from a lot of sacrifice. i think it is clear that this is the end result. but there is no way that it could not work. it stands to reason that the more females you have, the more reproduction you will have. >> a federal crab disaster declaration may have spurred cooperation. the maryland general assembly kick in $6 million. the state bought back licenses and required others to register as male harvester's only. they removed 8000 abandon crab pots. there is now less competition and more product available. >> will prices down? rex is supply and demand. >> remember, this is only the second year. two years does not necessarily make a trend. >> still, the decision what -- the decision whether to modify restrictions has not been made. >> as you file your taxes, budget that watchdogs want you to know how congress is spending your money. they saved $60 billion -- they say $60 billion is paying for more than 900
Apr 7, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in baltimore county. crews are working to get things up and running. no sign of life inside that west virginia mine. what some say this tragedy could have been avoided. we'll have these stories korea we'll have these stories korea and much more tonight on >> the forecast has big changes coming. the front comes through tomorrow night. it will be another warm and tomorrow, 81, and then we are in the 50's 4 highs on friday and saturday. the transition will feature a few showers, but it looks like it will clear up in time for orioles baseball friday afternoon in downtown baltimore. a little breezy and cool, but not bad compared to what we have had around here. we have had snow, hail, so it is 50 degrees and you have a jacket on, that is not bad. >> thanks for joining us. nbc nightly news is up next. we willwbj  see tonight at 11. fill out and mail back the census today. because your census answers are more than just answers. they're the first step toward a happier, healthier community. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census.
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9